The service will be closed on 03 Mar 2015. The script will stop working after this date !

About Referring Links Script

Referring Links is a free widget that helps you to show referring to your site links. These are websites, that give visitors to your website. This is the easiest way to say "thanks" for every referred visitor. The script is easy to install and it is compatible with all servers and blog platforms.

As a result, Referring Links script generates a standard HTML list. Every item in this list is a website, that give visitors to you. Items are displayed in descending order. The system integrates automatically with the design of your site. You can modify styles manually and choose how many links to be shown.

There is an option to block domains from the list. Often, these are big search engines and spam sites. You can see how the tool works in upper-right corner of this website. I am using Referring Links script in all pages of this website with not modified standard code. See the page source for details.

If you want to try this script, you can generate and get the right code for you. Please, if you have any problems with installation read the FAQ section. If you want to use the script with a blog, please read the Blog install section to install particulars and useful tips. Thank you for using my widget!

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